Cheap EOS3 BGA64 design

Cheap EOS3 BGA64 design

I bought EOS3 BGA on CrowdSupply and as I started to work on my board. After some time I have discovered that it would be hard to make it at low price.
If I would do it correctly I would need to use small vias, probably buried vias so for few boards that did not make sense to me…
But as I still wanted board I had some idea to do it hacky way.

If I do not use VIA under BGA then all will be good and cheap.

I tough that one of two approaches should work.
First idea was to use just the pins I need – and not to place pads for the pins I do not need.

But then I looked at the datasheet and as I discovered some pins in datasheet would not mind if they are connected on startup I used other approach.
Connected some pins together so if that would work I could use more pins at the end…

I ordered board from OshPark –
I assembled board

Created with GIMP

And start to study tool chain.

Finally understood how to “compile” everything, but I run on the issue.

Problem is that I can load fw to board, but LED does not blink and if I connect to debug board I see

Problem is that now I an stuck as I tried many things in software, and I am not sure that HW is done right. … QuickBGA64

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