Adjusting microscope focus with adapter ring

Adjusting microscope focus with adapter ring

At some point I have ordered microscope. I wanted one that would have Simul-Focal Stereo with HDMI out that would allow me to work on it looking on eye peaces while recording or streaming at the same time.

But it was impossible to get good focus at eye-peace and on the HDMI at the same time.

I could get it close to good if I loose camera holder, but then it was shaky and not stable, but I was to lazy to fix it with some 3D printer ring…

One day my friend Darko arrived, and saw that this is not stable.

As he is always targeting perfection he told me he can fix this in no time…

He did fast sketch of new adapter ring

Next day he was back with aluminum ring

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And from that day microscope is working perfectly!

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