Doing ULX3ST FPGA board @home

Doing ULX3ST FPGA board @home

Tnx to EMARD new FPGA board is in town ;)

We have tested and almost all examples are already working.

But there is still many things to try.

One thing for checking is will examples work on smaller FPGA.

And we need to do that manually.

Bare FPGA board

Just another look at pins.
And another one.
Comparing with finished board.
Setting bottom heating plate.
Setting upper heater.
Soldering finished, but there are remaining of flux that I have used.

So cleaning is needed. And for that we need ultrasonic cleaner.

Taking a bath.
Just another photo of cleaning.
After cleaning we need to dry board.
For that we use fruit dryer :)
And after some time we have our FPGA on board.
Quick look at pins.
Another side.
And another.
And another.
Now we just need to test some pins to check if there is short or no connection.

More tests will be in next post …

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