RFM69 – STM32 – Raspberry pi gateway – UKHASnet @ 868MHz

RFM69 – STM32 – Raspberry pi gateway – UKHASnet @ 868MHz

I have ordered some 868MHz modules from internet and just searched a way to use it.

At first look https://ukhas.net/ looked nice so I decided to test it :)

If you get lost there is nice sitemap so you can find what you are looking…


So it is time to get started…

First you will need to make a gateway, I have decided to build this one



With some fast soldering I manage to solder RFM69 on protoboard, cloned repository on rasp, compiled and got error :)

I was on chat line with guys who make all this possible


and we figured out that the problem is in some hardware connection.

I just checked again and my MOSI was GND-ed ;)

bit of soldering and I’m back into the game, few minutes after gateway was up and running…

Now I needed some node to test it.

Yesterday I was managed to get some sample working with cheap STM32 board


so I decided to use this board for node.


But there was some problems with default node sample so I decided to mix my sample and node sample and that was bad mix :)

On chat jcoxon suggested me to to use gw_sample for arduino because it is simplest.

In no time he managed to find some errors that I had and sample compiled well.

I uploaded it on board and node was already sending temperature :)

Next we tried repeater sample, and that was working to.

Now I am part of 868MHz network ;)

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