BLE on Samsung galaxy Fame

BLE on Samsung galaxy Fame

Now that I was able to hack smart bracelet I need phone so I can check BLE samples.

I have some old Samsung Galaxy fame that has Bluetooth 4.0 hardware, but official ROM does not support it, so I ned rok that is higher then 4.3

I have tested few ROMS but lots of them did not work at all.

Finally I have found ROM that is working.

But it does not support BLE for some reason then I have found this mod and installed it

But then when I turn bluetooth on it just reports error and turn off again.

After lots of tested ROMS I have found this one that is working like a charm

You will need  to wait for a half hour to get ROM running so just be patient when nothing is changing on screen and wait.

Now finally I have complete battle set for BLE development…


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