Fund drive for new server – wlan slovenia

Fund drive for new server – wlan slovenia

Fund drive for new server SL

In 5 years of growing, wlan slovenija network has really grown. It has now more than 350 active nodes and almost 1000 registered nodes. As you probably know, we are using our nodewatcher system to collect real-time data about performance and use of all those nodes and the network as whole, store it for easier debugging, and display it visually so that anybody can see how the network operates.

In 5 years this is a lot of data. More than 100 GB of data which we want to provide for everyone. With new version (v3) of nodewatcher data storage requirements will grow even further as we will be able to monitor the network faster and better.

This is why we have to buy a new server and we need your help to able to do it. With the new server we will be able to continue growing!

We are planing to buy:

  • Lenovo ThinkServer RD 430, 1260 EUR
  • 3 x Seagate ST3000VX000, 3 TB, 315 EUR

Together: 1575 EUR

Link for donations is here:



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