• At some point I have ordered microscope. I wanted one that would have Simul-Focal Stereo with HDMI out that would allow me to work on it looking on eye peaces while recording or streaming at the same time.

    But […]

  • For long time I wanted to have backup of lemilica, as I had lots of problems with site remaining up.

    So few days ago I decided to try docker containers.

    Create wordpress.yml with your favorite […]

  • I bought EOS3 BGA on CrowdSupply and as I started to work on my board. After some time I have discovered that it would be hard to make it at low price.If I would do it correctly I would need to use small vias, […]

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  • Using ttnmapper to map nodes is often good start for mapping.
    But ttnmapper is still closed source and you can only use it for showing coverage of TTN gateways.
    If you have your own infrastructure you need some […]


    And all of this started when EMARD ordered one Mini Fabrikator V2

    For a some time I have this small printer I have buy it from EMARD that already applied  his fixes on it.

    When you get printer i[…]

  • We had some issues loading file to a new board.

    But board was detected so that was good start.

    After I told Emard I have problem uploading file he fixed JTAG tool.

    And I could screen to the board.

    Now I[…]

  • Checking if all pins of FPGA are connected.
    Sorting parts.
    More sorting.
    Soldering FTDI.
    Soldering capacitors.
    Soldering power circuits.
    Random soldering
    Random soldering.
    Almost done.

  • Tnx to EMARD new FPGA board is in town ;)

    We have tested and almost all examples are already working.

    But there is still many things to try.

    One thing for checking is will examples work on smaller[…]

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  • I will try to make some opensource board for this so you will need to solder module or chip only. For a few pcs I could even solder nRF on board, rest is easy…

  • I have used some ERSA SMD soldering iron, yes it is hard to solder, but wire by wire and I manage to get it …

  • @Home I had Nextion LCD
    It is having some bad software that is working on windows only
    I was not able to find a way to use interrupt on some pins.
    So I was thinking about uploading my code on STM32 to test it[…]

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  • I have ordered some 868MHz modules from internet and just searched a way to use it.

    At first look https://ukhas.net/ looked nice so I decided to test it :)

    If you get lost there is nice sitemap so you can[…]

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