Upgrading Furby Party Rocker Creature for Sound Art Incubator

Upgrading Furby Party Rocker Creature for Sound Art Incubator

Radiona needed some hacked toy for Sound Art Incubator.

Deborah suggested hacking a furby toy and I accepted a challenge.

We bought Furby Party Rockers Creature (Light Blue)

After disassembly and checkup what can we “hack”.
I decided to go with a easy solution and generate clock with arduino to change frequency when someone get close to him.

First tryout was promising

I have used sharp sensor for detecting distance,I also added audio out so he can perform with our band…

Code in my first post:

Hacked Furby (cc), photo by Vedran Metelko (c) taken @ Soundart Incubator

Furby was popular so we decided to tweak it a little bit more for another performance exibition .
I changed SHARP to ultrasonic distance sensor and changed arduino to local Croduino version from e-radionica

In new version clock is lowest possible if no obstacle is detected, and when obstacle is detected as close it gets clock gets higher. I also use “tail pull” to get more talking out of him :)

Now furby looks a bit differently and works much better

DSCF9119 DSCF9120 DSCF9121 DSCF9124


New code:


Adding some RGB lights could be next update…

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