• I saw that Ai Thinker that developed ESP8266 has some new modules, and after a bit of search found cheap  GSM development board

    I have found all documentations and source code for 8051 chip.

    I have tested[…]


    Set jumpers like on picture!!!

    Connect to any USB-Serial Board

    USB-ser            STM32
    RX                    —    A9
    TX                    —    A10
    GND                 —    GND
    3.3V […]

  • Now that I was able to hack smart bracelet I need phone so I can check BLE samples.

    I have some old Samsung Galaxy fame that has Bluetooth 4.0 hardware, but official ROM does not support it, so I ned rok that is[…]

  • After a bit of struggle I was able to wake up the clock.

    I was completely dead but when I removed battery I could see him with raspberry debugger and load new firmware.

    First thing I have found that it is[…]

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  • I saw on local store that there is some cheap Smart Bracelet to buy with BTLE.

    So I decided to do some research about it.

    It was iDo 003, and after some articles online I have found one that was cool to[…]

  • Jedan od brzinskih i nikad dobro istestiranih projekata :)

    U crijevo za vodu ugurao sam LED traku spojenu na nešto metara UTP kabla, nadno crijeva sam stavio olovo za robolov, i gornji i donji dio sam zalio[…]

  • Radiona needed some hacked toy for Sound Art Incubator.

    Deborah suggested hacking a furby toy and I accepted a challenge.

    We bought Furby Party Rockers Creature (Light Blue)

    After disassembly and checkup[…]

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  • At first I needed something to drill holes on my home made PCB-s.

    Small Proxxon 50E seemed like a good start.

    But drilling from hand was so boring, so I decided to bought Proxxon MB140/S drill stand

    And in[…]

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